Kristi Michael had a young child to care for and a busy career as a film and video make-up artist, when her life took a stark new direction. At 30, she was diagnosed with melanoma. The next four years brought many surgeries and difficult treatments, but her spirit was not diminished. Kristi vowed that upon her return to health, she would dedicate herself to these goals:

To promote skin cancer awareness.

To assist families of patients undergoing clinical trial treatment.

To produce quality films of artistic and social merit.

 “Life is precious. Fight hard. Never give up” was Kristi’s legacy.
The Spirit of Kristi is dedicated
to the goals and legacy of
Kristi Michael



“A Media Campaign for Sun Awareness and Skin Cancer Prevention”

Kristi was especially concerned with protecting children from early sun damage.  Excessive sun exposure in childhood can cause complications as an adult. Sadly, child and teen cases of skin cancer are increasing. To this end, the Spirit of Kristi produced a Public Service Announcement  campaign. The three commercials are individually directed at kids, teens and the parents of children. The campaign has been praised by national health organizations and is distributed to cable, broadcast, government and public access networks. (See PSA Campaign)

“The Kristi Kit”

The “Kristi Kit” is a clear vinyl zippered tote with a premium SPF 30 Sun Lotion, Aloe Sun Repair Gel and a 30 SPF Lip Balm.

It is the beginning of a sun oriented product line that aims to generate funds for our projects. To support patient and caregiver families, profits from the “Kristi Kit” are donated to the Friends of the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. The FOCC provides financial help to patients undergoing clinical trials at NIH – our country’s premier medical research facility. NIH was a source of great hope and promise for Kristi. (See “Kristi Kit”)

“Kristi’s Wings”

Imagine journeying to a distant city to be treated for a serious illness.

Planes, trains, luggage, schedules. Now imagine doing it by yourself.

“Kristi’s Wings” is being developed to provide travel assistance to caregivers of patients in clinical trials at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

While NIH provides for patients’ travel, caregivers must provide for themselves. Health experts agree that patients respond to treatment better when they are comforted by a loved one or friend. Having to travel and be treated alone, should be a concern for patients in need.

(See “Kristi’s Wings”)


The Safra Family Lodge at the National Institutes of Health

In 2001, Kristi was profiled in a brochure that sought support for the the then unnamed Family Lodge at NIH. Through a local fundraiser the Spirit of Kristi donated to the lodge’s construction. In 2004, the Safra Family Lodge was opened after a very generous donation from Lily Safra in memory of her late husband. Kristi Michael is included as one of the buildings founders. (See Lodge)



“Merit Programs in Sun Awareness”

These educational programs are designed for a variety of age groups from child to teen. They will be offered to scouting, social and sports organizations.

“The Kristi Awards”

 The “Kristi Awards” is a single night fund raiser that is part awards show, part film festival and part roast. It will put the ‘fun’ in fundraiser.

“Matching Funds Program”

As the “Kristi Kit” and future product lines develop, we invite other like-minded groups to match (in whole or in part) donations that the Spirit of Kristi makes to organizations we support. Those matching funds will act as a ‘multiplier’ and provide an additional incentive to those who support our projects.

The Spirit of Kristi aspires to these goals with the principles that Kristi embraced – Faith, Hope and Love.



Stan Kozma